Why This Is The Best Time To Worm Your Dog!

Hi there Lyndall Pinchen Canine Naturopath from canine vitality and welcome back to my channel happy healthy dogs where I provide natural solutions for your dogs health issues and help them live a longer healthier life naturally. I often get asked about worming and the best times to do this so today I wanted to share with you what I believe to be the best times to worm your pet and why. So firstly, if you have been following my channel you will know that I am all about chemical free products and always recommend that you try using natural products where possible to worm your pet. Conventional worming products contain harsh chemicals and pesticides that are known to cause damage to your dogs gut long term, along with weakening the immune system, the very system that has the ability to help provide resistance to parasite infections in the first place. Did you know also that the immune system starts to aid in healing from any tissue damage worms may cause in your dogs body. SO it is so important to keep your dogs immune system strong and alert. There are a number of natural worming options including diatomaceous earth, herbs, certain foods such as pumpkin seeds and homoeopathic remedies that are highly effective at worm prevention and treatment and I will leave some details in the description box below about my herbal intestinal worming product and how you can order that if you are interested. So back to the best time to worm your dog. Well, as some of you may already know, the FULL MOON is one of the best times to worm your pet and in fact, one of the nicknames given to the moon in the Northern hemisphere in month of March is the Worm moon and this is because of the reappearance of earth worms in the soil after the cold winter months. Actually we have a full moon coming up in a few days on the 19th of February so this would be a great time to worm your dog if they not been worming in a while.

Watch my short video to learn more.....

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